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A La Carte Menu


These dishes are great for sharing


Grilled garlic bread (white ) topped with tomatoes, onions, and chopped bases with guacamole spread.

RF 0.0

Pumpkin Soup

With garlic croutons finished with homegrown thyme.

RF 20,000

Cream of vegetable soup

With bread croutons

RF 20,000

Cream of mushroom soup

A rich and velvety cream of mushroom soup, elegantly topped with golden, crunchy bread croutons for a delightful texture contrast.

RF 20,000

Fresh garden salad

lettuce, rockets, fresh strawberries, tomatoes,
and cucumber with balsamic dressing finished with shaved parmesan cheese.

RF 20,000

Smoked Salmon Salad

Savour Smoked Salmon Salad, featuring delicate smoked salmon, ripe avocado, shaved carrots, crisp cucumber, and fresh arugula.

RF 20,000

Prawn Cocktail

RF 20,000


A diverse range of flavorful dishes which are all sourced daily and locally

Ricotta Ravioli

filled with smooth ricotta cheese and spinach in Ravioli topped with Napolitano sauce

RF 38,000

Grilled Chicken Breast

perfectly grilled chicken breast, marinated in a rich blend of olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and dark soy sauce for that deep, savoury flavour.
Served with a creamy mushroom sauce.

RF 40,000

Coffee-Infused Red Wine Glazed Steak

Experience the unique fusion of Rwandan coffee and red wine reduction that elevates our succulent beef steak.
Marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, mustard, and dark soy sauce, this dish offers a bold, aromatic flavour profile.

RF 40,000

Pilau Chicken Alfredo

Enjoy a gourmet twist on comfort food with our stuffed chicken breast

RF 40,000

Rwandan Beef with Peppercorn Sauce

Flavorful Rwandan beef served with a medium spicy peppercorn sauce

RF 40,000

Nile perch fish fillet with Mugnaia sauce

Fresh Nile perch fillet paired with a delicate lemony mugnaia sauce

RF 40,000

Steak Tartare (200g)

RF 40,000


Our desserts are made in house by our pastry chef

Fresh Fruit Salad

A vibrant mix of fresh, seasonal fruits, offering a refreshing and healthy dessert option

RF 15,000

Crepe Suzette Flambe

Tableside-flambeed crepes in a zesty orange butter sauce.
An unforgettable, classic dessert spectacle

RF 20,000

Homemade Tiramisu

A rich and creamy Italian dessert made with layers
of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, dusted with cocoa

RF 20,000

Carrot cake

A gorgeous two layer soft and moist Carrot Cake.

RF 20,000


Fresh juice

A refreshing blend of freshly squeezed, Pineapple, Tutti Frutti, Red Berry Breeze.

RF 12,000

A glass of Wine

Choice of red, white, or rosé

RF 15,000

Soft drink

Citron, Coke, Orange,
Tonic water, Sparkling water
Still Water

RF 5,000


Heineken,Heineken 0.0,
Amstel, Mutzig,
Skol Malt, Virunga Mist

RF 6,000

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